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LawOfficeinBrazil is one of the few in Brazil that can provide you with escrow account service and title insurance from the United States for all real estate transactions in Brazil.

Real estate transactions are governed by numerous federal statutes and varying state statutes and common laws that address a wide variety of legal issues related to acquiring, financing, developing, managing, constructing, leasing and selling commercial and residential real property. Buying and selling real estate is generally more complicated than buying or selling expensive goods, such as a car or a boat. With real estate, many different people can have an interest in the same property, tax consequences are more complicated, and possession is not necessarily indicative of ownership. An experienced real estate attorney can help you sort through all of the difficult decisions and negotiations involved in real estate transactions.
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Title Insurance provides cost-effective, comprehensive protection against title defects. When purchasing real estate, there is always the risk of related title defects. These defects could include survey errors, title flaws, fraud, forgery, undisclosed liens and encumbrances, or a host of other problems.

Escrow service secures that your funds held in trust and will be only used as directed by you, giving you peace of mind and security. This is how it works, our office, under your instructions, will disburse the funds to pay mortgages, real estate commissions, taxes due at closings, closing fees and/or the purchase price. A secure placement of your funds in an escrow allows both the seller and the buyer to know the cash will be available at the time of closing.

Below is a complete list of services we provide as a Title Company:

  • Title Insurance
  • Title Search and Abstract
  • Escrow Services
  • Statewide Real Estate Closings and Settlement
  • Ownership and Encumbrance Searches
  • Preparation of Documents: Subordinations, Affidavits, Satisfactions, Deeds, Etc.
  • Inspection Ordering: Surveys, Termite, Septic, Roof, Etc.
  • Obtaining Hazard and Mortgagee Changes
  • Appraiser Referrals
  • Home Inspection Service Referrals
  • Information on Real Estate Taxes
  • Helpful Resources for For Sale By Owner Sellers
  • Recommendations to Realtor's and their Services
  • Guidance to Attorneys in Resolving any Legal Title Issues
  • Leases
  • Contracts
  • Evictions

International Money Transfers

We also handle international money transfers in or out of Brazil, we can coordinate and register the international wire transfers directly with the Bank and with "Banco Central do Brasil" through our correspondents banks spread all over the world, all of them authorized bank by "Banco Central do Brasil" to operate all international money transfers, in and out of brazil.

"Banco Central do Brasil" is the government body that regulates and oversees all international money transfers coming in and out of Brazil. Due to the increase in international money laundering operations and other illicit transactions "Banco Central" has a complex set of rules and regulations which every person and every bank must follow in order to accomplish any international money transfer. In most cases corroboration documents shall be collected and filed. For example, in real estate purchases, the financial institution will require a copy of purchase and sale agreement, a copy of updated title, and personal data (from both parties – seller and buyer), before they are able to release the funds to the beneficiary, thus complying with all "Banco Central's" rules and regulations.

With that being said, our office can assist you in any international money transfer. Regardless of the purpose of the wire, our office assists you from referring the best institution, depending on the nature of the wire, collecting all the necessary documents and authorizations, to the final registration at "Banco Central do Brasil".

We also make sure that the Bank and the beneficiaries received the funds properly and are able to account for it, as per the requirements of the Law.

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